Heat networks = Low carbon

We need to move towards a low carbon world by 2030. Heat networks can make a massive contribution to this goal.

Having said that, is a heat network for Glasgow city centre a viable dream? What about your city?

Heat Vision 2030 fosters collaboration between stakeholders in the heat network sector so we can accelerate the deployment of heat networks. Please join us at our next webinar.

We use Comsof Heat, a state of the art heat network design and mapping tool to test our ideas. The Comsof Heat platform allows planners, councils and utilities to draw out the detail of their heat network strategy.

Our vision is fashioned through sharing our knowledge and expertise and then we challenge each others assumptions. As a result, we get a robust model using minimal time and resources.

Policy Priorities for urban heat networks

Our latest webinar is confirmed for the 8th September at 10am. This is our chance to discuss our ideas with you so we can further enrich the modelling.  Here is a precis of some of the policy conclusions that we will be presenting:

  • Offtake Surety is fundamental for potential heat suppliers in a heat network zone. We can also ensure value for money by asking bidders to put in a guaranteed price per kWh of heat.
  • We need to demand strong and clear regulatory support for heat pumps and waste heat generation to embed local zero carbon heat sources.
  • One of the best ways to reduce costs is to lay the heat network pipes in conjunction with other services.
  • Empower local authorities and local residents to insist upon a long-term commitment to heat network heat usage.
  • Funding based on meeting performance criteria is a must so that we can track efficiency targets and guarantee clear reporting.

Your city can accelerate the energy master planning process with the powerful Comsof Heat software in conjunction with the Heat Vision 2030 collaborative method.

What do you think? We would love to hear from you and hopefully you can make the webinar. There will be plenty of time to share your ideas with our panel of member companies.

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