How to deploy a heat network across an entire city-centre?

This webinar showcases a project, Heat Vision 2030, that Minibems has been developing, in conjunction with Star Renewable Energy and Comsof.

Heat Vision 2030, is our attempt to help accelerate the deployment of heat networks in the face of the climate crisis.

The aim is to demonstrate that, with the correct policy framework and the shared willpower, we can start a massive change to deliver low carbon, equitable, affordable and reliable, local, clean heat for businesses and city centre residents alike.

Kurt Marlein of Comsof presents detailed insight into what a heat network in Glasgow could look like, how it could be rolled out and what is the investment necessary.

Our panelists, Finian Parrick (CEO, Minibems) and Dave Pearson (Director, Star Renewable Energy) take part in a lively Q&A that responds to questions from the audience regarding the technical issues, modelling and other challenges.

The role for Minibems technology within the delivery of a successful city-centre heat network is two-fold.

  1. In the first instance, we have verifiable data that provides the confidence to commit to high delta Ts and low return temperature heat networks. Our real-time flow control can be applied to high temperature and low temperature heat networks. This has a material impact on the capital expenditure. For example, significant sums can be saved through specifying smaller diameter pipework.
  2. Thereafter, as a heat network performance service, we focus on continual improvement to reduce lifetime Operating Expenditure. Leveraging the cloud, IoT and data means we pursue total efficiency and expect to make ongoing gains. Approximately 75% of the cost of a heat network is the operation- that is where so much can be saved.

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