High performance heat networks are possible.

Meanwhile, legislation supporting heat networks is coming soon. The corresponding regulations governing responsible operators and socially responsible landlords are tightening.

Have you ever faced project risk related to the design, scheduling or financial aspects of delivery? If so, our next webinar is for you. We’ll provide some insight into how best to design and operate communal and district heating networks.

We invite you to join us for a catch-up on the benefits of selecting the Giacomini G6 heat interface unit (HIU) alongside the Minibems heat network performance management suite of services.

Since 2018 Giacomini and Minibems have collaborated on designing and manufacturing the original connected HIU with Internet of Things (IoT) capability to deliver automated, real-time optimisation.

We are offering a catch-up series of three CPD-level webinars.

In February and March our discussion centres on design principles with and without the Minibems Enterprise IoT platform. We look at the energy and carbon outcomes when applying our unique real-time flow control and system visibility. The two-part catch-up is entitled, ‘The Smart HIU revolution’.

But we kick-off next week with, ‘Reducing project risk when deploying HIUs’. This will be a panel-based discussion, with more focus on the commercial strategy for heat networks. Based on our combined experience of deploying thousands of HIUs, our panel will discuss the do’s and dont’s of  heat network design, operation and performance.

We always leave time to take questions and we are always available for further discussion thereafter.

We are offering multiple sessions for each webinar, please find the links to register below:

Webinar 1. Reducing project risk when deploying HIUs

Tuesday, January 19th- 8.50am to 9.55am

Wednesday, January 20th- 11.50am to 12.55pm

Thursday, January, 21st- 3.50pm to 4.55pm

Webinar 2. Smart HIU Revolution Part 1

Tuesday, February 23rd- 8.50am to 9.55am

Wednesday, February 24th- 11.50am to 12.55pm

Thursday, February 25th- 3.50pm to 4.55pm

Webinar 3. Smart HIU Revolution Part 2

Tuesday, March 23rd- 8.50am to 9.55am

Wednesday, March 24th- 11.50am to 12.55pm

Thursday, March 25th- 3.50pm to 4.55pm

You can also register for other editions of this webinar series where we cover a range of other heat network issues. Minibems will be running these webinars basis. For more information please follow us on LinkedIn.

The Minibems mission is to deliver heat network performance, enabling low carbon technologies, reducing energy costs whilst improving reliability and customer satisfaction.


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