With over 300,000 existing heat network connections in the UK that still require a fit-for-purpose metering and billing system, and regulations due to be updated soon, now’s the time for building owners to assess their housing stock and source the best service provider to meet their needs.

That’s where Minibems fits the bill, with metering and billing solutions that are designed for easy integration in existing or new build developments that also provide synergy with our heat network performance system.

Providing the ultimate in flexibility, our credit and pre-payment billing options can be switched remotely depending on building requirements and residents’ circumstances. The system can also be set so that vulnerable residents are never left without heating or hot water.


Minibems billing and support services include:

  • Credit billing
  • Prepayment billing
  • Emergency and friendly credit
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Regulation compliant
  • Residents helpdesk
  • Real-time instant payments


Ensure compliance with Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014

In addition to providing a fit-for-purpose system, it’s also crucial that the requirements of the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014 are met. They currently stipulate that for new build heat network developments and most major refurbishment projects final customer meters must be fitted, along with point of entry meters. In addition, customers must be billed using actual meter readings, rather than estimates, and billing information must be clear and informative.

The current regulations are due to be tightened further and are under public consultation for the revised methodology for assessing the cost effectiveness of metering for existing district and communal heat networks. Following this, heat suppliers will be obligated to carry out the cost-effectiveness assessment on existing developments and install meters where required within a specified compliance period.

We offer advice and guidance to building owner/operators to ensure they meet with these regulations and can supply heat meters, bulk meters and prepay and credit billing services to suit.

Call us on 020 3411 4170 to find out how we can deliver the best metering and billing solution for your next new build or retrofit heat network project.


Minibems Touchscreen display in home for metering and billing information

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