It has been a busy week for us, as we launched our brand new range of Minibems-enabled heat interface units at the Ecobuild exhibition in London.

This marks a real milestone for us, as this is the first time that our award-winning Minibems heat network control platform has been introduced to the outside world. The culmination of several years of research and development, along with over £600,000 funding from DECC, Innovate UK and Shell Springboard, the beauty of Minibems is that is makes the invisible, visible.

What is Minibems?

Minibems is a holistic control and monitoring platform which can deliver significant energy and carbon reductions in a complex heat network environment.

A building energy management system, Minibems will monitor and control your heat network to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase ease of management. It provides remote access to real-time and historical data from key points in the heat network, as well as visibility of energy usage from anywhere with internet access: making the invisible, visible.

Who is Minibems for?

Minibems-enabled heat interface units provide the ideal solution for heat network managers who are tasked with heating large or multiple properties (e.g. hotel complexes or care homes) whilst reducing energy consumption and associated fuel costs. Minibems monitors and controls each part of the heat network to deliver energy and cost efficiencies across the board, helping building managers to significantly reduce their fuel bills.

What’s more, Minibems controls can be managed remotely from anywhere there is an internet connection, meaning building managers don’t even need to be on site to monitor and control heating usage.

What does Minibems work with?

Applicable to all heating sources (including biomass, heat pumps, solar thermal and gas condensing boilers), Minibems comes pre-coded with the specific ideal operating conditions for each application, and can adapt usage according to the requirements of the heat network and environment. Put simply, Minibems is universally applicable and works hard to make your life easier.

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