As we enter our third year of operation at Hillpark Drive, providing the Wheatley Group and residents with our unique suite of heat network management services, we continue to focus on delivering the following ongoing benefits:

  • Maintaining low heat charges for residents
  • Affordable heating and hot water for 315 families
  • 40% less fuel used than the mechanical HIU by applying real-time flow control
  • 75% fewer unplanned maintenance visits
  • Comprehensive quarterly and annual reporting covering:
    • Revenue Assurance
    • Heat Network Performance
    • Customer Service

Network characteristics: 

Network Type: District Heat Network
Energy Source: Air Source Heat Pump with Gas Boiler back-up
Status: Commissioned 2018
Main message: 40% less fuel than mechanical HIU benchmark
No. of Connections: 315
HIU: ESSCO Twin-plate with Minibems
Minibems Package: Heat Network Management (metering and billing, real-time flow control, heating and hot water support desk)

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