Minibems overview brochure

Making your heat network visible
Minibems is a demand management system for complex heating systems that enables significant energy reductions and cost savings.

The overview brochure shows how Minibems is a full demand management system. This brochure is for developers, building owners with commercial and domestic properties.


Making the invisible, visible

Minibems provides cloud-based visibility of all aspects of your heating environment, Minibems identifies and utilises opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and fuel bills.Minibems_Website_Image_2000_202_0103_0316


Save money on your heating bills with Minibems

A holistic control and monitoring platform, Minibems can deliver significant energy and carbon reductions in complex heating environments. Minibems is a building energy management system that monitors and controls your heat network to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase ease of management – perfect for those responsible for managing buildings and networks with high heat loads.


Endorsed by experts

Our award-wining Minibems product provides unrivalled control and monitoring functionality. Minibems technology has been supported by energy experts from the private and public sectors.

The product of several years of intense research and development, Minibems has received over £600,000 of funding from the Department of Energy & Climate Change, Innovate UK and Shell. Minibems was also recently crowned Regional Winner at the Shell Springboard Awards 2016.


The problem – inefficient heat systems

Up to 50% of heat can be lost from unregulated heating systems with poor system control.


The solution – efficiency is targeted

Minibems enables significant energy cost and carbon reductions in complex heating environments.


Monitoring as standard

Minibems delivers efficiency through advanced monitoring and control.


Minibems installation process

Minibems installation takes four steps – discovery, our proposal, delivery of project, start saving money.


Minibems installations

Recently renovated Eagle Hotel & Spa, in Okehampton, Devon, is an off-grid period property which was previously heated by a single LPG boiler. When the building’s new owners took the decision to add spa facilities and build further accommodation, the old heating system was no longer sufficient to heat the property. This provided the proprietors with the ideal opportunity to address the high running costs associated with LPG fuel, as well as the lack of heating control and inherent unreliability of an outdated system.



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