Fenton farm is located within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and provides self-catering holiday cottages to the public.

The site consists of a main farmhouse with ten self-contained cottages, which was previously provided heating and hot water from an inefficient oil boiler. In 2015 the existing plant was replaced with a 320kW biomass boiler and a Minibems network control and monitoring solution was implemented.


The Minibems biomass heat network installed in October 2015 was to achieve the following operating objectives:

1. Control and reduce flow temperatures using weather compensation and smart heat requests

2. Control and reduce return temperatures and thus increase temperature difference

These objectives were achieved and resulted in increasing the temperature difference from the industry standard of under 10°C to 31°C on the buffer tank and boiler thus reducing boiler cycling, fuel usage, equipment maintenance and prolonged boiler life.

The plant room of Fenton Farm consists of the following three software modules; Turbomat 320 Boiler, buffer tank and an export circuit. The export circuit supplies district heat to the farmhouse and ten cottages which each have a Minibems heat interface unit (HIU) installed.

The case study describes how Minibems controls the return temperature difference, flow temperatures, combined with weather compensation. See the the full case study for further details.


See full Fenton Farm & Cottages case study

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