Our webinars bring the Minibems team together with innovative thinkers and companies we admire to discuss challenges faced when delivering high performance heat networks.

You can register for other editions of this webinar series where we cover a range of heat network issues:

  • Why most heat networks are inefficient
  • How to improve existing heat networks
  • Metering & billing solutions in the market
  • How to improve service to our clients and their residents
  • How to achieve decarbonised heat networks
  • Heat network modelling
  • Heat network policy and regulation

Minibems will be running these breakfast briefings on a weekly basis. For more information please follow us on LinkedIn.

Latest Webinar – No. 10 – Heat Vision 2030 – What can we do in 2021 to achieve clean heat in UK cities.

In our third webinar from the Heat Vision 2030 project we focus on how heat networks can aid reduction in carbon emissions – how do we get to carbon neutrality, what part do buildings play, what is required to deploy a heat network, etc.

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The first topic covered – Why are most heat networks inefficient?

We looked at the symptoms of poorly performing heat networks, some of the problems include –

  • Constant temperature
  • Constant flow rate
  • Oversupply of heat
  • Lack of data on actual performance
  • High aftercare costs
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No. 2 – Data-driven Real-time flow control

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No. 3 – Why use heat pumps in a heat network? Part 1

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No. 4 – Why use heat pumps in a heat network? Part 2

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No. 5 – What is missing from the Scottish heat network bill

Panel discussion relating to the Scottish heat networks bill. Key aspects, including climate change, fuel poverty, existing and new build housing stock.
Panellists include Sarah-Jane McArthur, Brodies LLP; Charlie Drysdale, SSE; Dave Pearson, Star Renewable Energy; Carol Aitken, Vattenfall and Finian Parrick, Minibems.

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No. 6 – Data driven approach to design to improve heat networks

Data improves the design, the correct kit, the correct valves, pipe size, etc. Virtual testing of design – demands, system viability, technical compliance, energy usage and cost. Data improves the performance of a heat network.

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No. 7 – How do we deploy a heat network across a city centre?

Heat: Vision 2030. Focusing on Glasgow City Centre – how do you deliver a zero-carbon heat network. This webinar focuses on modelling, costs and other details of the project.

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No. 8 – How good is your heat network?

What makes a sustainable, efficient and working heat network for the owner and for the residents. Changeworks and Minibems discuss the key options and investments for a working and effective heat network.

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No. 9 – Heat Vision 2030 – Breaking down the barriers to citywide heat network deployment.

In our second webinar from the Heat Vision 2030 project we continue to focus on the vision of city centre scale heat networks; revisiting Glasgow city centre to confront the barriers to making such an endeavour work.

Can heat networks in the U.K. really be low risk, predictable, repeatable… investable?

We look at a mix of barriers, present an initial cashflow model, followed by a  discussion with experts across the sector. All of this aided by design and visualisation software so we can all see what it looks like.

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The Minibems mission is to deliver heat network performance, enabling low carbon technologies, reducing energy costs whilst improving reliability and customer satisfaction.


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