Heat network control, monitoring & billing

Minibems brings a 25%* energy saving through intelligent control and real-time monitoring over the entire heat network.

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Range of uses

Minibems can benefit heat networks of all shapes and sizes in a variety of locations – from hotel complexes to care homes, and rural farm buildings to large city developments.

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Easy installation

Minibems is designed to be easy to install and set up, with inputs and outputs configured to enable universal connectivity.

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Build in the benefits

Enhance your heat product with Minibems control and monitoring.

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Heat loss – the problem
Up to 50% of heat can be lost from a heat network over the course of a year, due to poor system control.
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Minibems – the solution
Minibems is a single control and monitoring system which can provide a 25%* built-in energy-saving across the entire heat network.
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Universally applicable
Minibems can be applied to all heating sources – including gas condensing boilers, biomass boilers, solar thermal and heat pumps.
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Minibems energy efficiency
Energy efficiency means using less energy to provide the same service.

Minibems has been shown to achieve a 25%* built in energy-saving across the entire heat network. Minibems provides highly efficient heating systems.
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Minibems carbon reduction
With the Minibems environment, the in-built efficiencies result in reduced use of gas, oil, coal and electricity throughout the heating system. Reductions are gained from the plant room to the control pumps.
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*Actual energy and carbon savings are site and system specific.

Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis
State-of-the-art Minibems controls allow the heat network to be managed remotely via cloud control from anywhere that there is an internet connection, providing access to real-time and historical data from key points in the heat network, visibility of energy usage, and the ability to identify and diagnose faults remotely.
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Heat networks
Incorporating Minibems into heating networks provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to meeting multiple heat demands, e.g. to supply multiple dwellings.
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Communal heating
Able to connect to all heat sources, Minibems is ideal for communal heat networks such as apartment blocks and office complexes.
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Commercial heating
From hotel complexes to office blocks, and educational establishments to public buildings, there are numerous commercial applications for Minibems.
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Domestic heating
Minibems is of benefit to a range of domestic heat networks, including campsites, country park estates, holiday home complexes, residential developments and care homes.
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