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40% savings on your heat network – guaranteed

Heat networks are 30% efficient on average. This is because they are designed and set to always work for coldest day conditions.

Heat networks face an invisible problem – real demand is low for most of the year, but they continue to operate according to coldest day conditions. This means a gross over-delivery of heat through primary pipework, risers and laterals, resulting in very poor efficiency and over-heated corridors.

Minibems uses smart controls and software on each heat consumer to optimise systems to real-time demand, delivering the same heat and comfort for 50% less flow rate.

Minibems’ patented flow control technology matches flow rates to real-time demand scenarios. Because most of the year is low load, flow rates are significantly reduced, whilst still achieving property comfort requirements. This makes the central thermal plant and heat network much more efficient, without changing resident behaviour.

We guarantee the minimum efficiency of the heat network, and a level of savings. This ensures low heat tariffs and protects residents from spiralling heating costs.

Our network efficiency guarantee is converted into a heat tariff guarantee using the fuel cost. Alternatively, savings can go to the network operator.

The typical payback for retrofitting Minibems is three years, and for new builds there is no additional cost to install Minibems.

Traditional heat networks have poor remote visibility of the individual heating and hot water systems and components – problems are diagnosed using field engineers.

On most heat networks an engineer goes to site whenever there is a heating or hot water problem. Most diagnosis and troubleshooting is done in the field. This results in repeat visits and high maintenance costs.

Minibems uses telemetry to remotely diagnose and triage heating & hot water problems, saving call-outs and service visits.

On most heat networks an engineer goes to site whenever there is a heating or hot water Minibems’ telemetry and 24/7 manned service is able to remotely diagnose more than 95% of problems on a heat network, significantly reducing your field engineer visits. Engineer visits are pre-diagnosed with parts required identified.

We guarantee a low number of call-outs and service visits, saving more cost.

Minibems brings additional savings by reducing the number of reactive call-outs – guaranteed. A Minibems software-controlled Heat Interface Unit has fewer moving parts which are all remotely visible, meaning reduced planned service visits.

Minibems can be retrofitted onto existing heat networks or can be fitted into new builds using a pre-packaged Heat Interface Unit with Minibems inside.

Minibems works with Heat Interface Unit (HIU) manufacturers who factory integrate our technology, meaning the HIU is delivered ready for plug and play installation.

Minibems can also be retrofitted onto any existing HIU.

Outsource your heat network management and take advantage of Minibems’ efficiency, heating & hot water and metering & billing service management.

Minibems three services of Dynamic, Telematic and Minipay enable the heat supplier to outsource the day-to-day management of the heat network, including efficiency management, heating & hot water service delivery and metering & billing.

Make your heat network ‘renewables ready’. Minibems facilitates network decarbonisation and must be the first step to introducing low carbon heat.

Installing Minibems is integral to decarbonising your heat network. Minibems reduces network flow temperatures, flow rates and return temperatures, which is essential to making low carbon heat sources perform.

Minibems conducted a survey of 7,750 properties on heat networks, across 18 sites. 4,550 properties had Heat Interface Units (HIUs) with metering & billing systems and were 31% efficient on average. They had an average annual heat consumption of 2,154 kWh per property. 3,200 properties were on communal systems with no heat meters and used 14,600 kWh of gas per property, per annum. Assuming an annual heat requirement of 3,500kWh, they are 24% efficient. The best efficiency of any heat network found was 42%.

Minibems guarantees to make gas-based heat networks 60% efficient or greater. This yields guaranteed savings of 40% for networks that are 33% efficient or worse. Guarantee is subject to terms and conditions.

Annual heat bill costs are based on a gas price of 8 pence per kWh. Average call outs are based on a site with 100 apartments with HIUs.

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