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Services & products

Minibems products and services make heat networks efficient, controllable and sustainable.

Minibems delivers efficient, controllable and sustainable heat networks. Performance guaranteed.

Minibems transforms conventional heat network management into an optimised, data-driven and consolidated service from a single platform.

We unlock efficiency savings from your inefficient heat network that can deliver state of the art technology on your existing budget with no service charge for your metering and billing.

Real-time flow control

Dynamic manages the flow rate and temperature of heat networks in real-time to maximise efficiency, reduce fuel usage and cut carbon. By software controlling all elements of the network, it can decrease flow rates by more than half whilst keeping homes warm and hot water on.

Dynamic can identify and resolve any poor performing parts of a heat network and each individual unit is automatically monitored and updated to improve performance in real-time.

The difference is the data

Telematic delivers unparalleled access to insightful data that allows comprehensive remote monitoring, diagnosis, and management of heat networks, reducing the time and cost of unplanned maintenance.

It’s a 24/7/365 platform that enables specialist heating and hot water advisers to support customers, engineers and provide hassle-free heating to residents.

Flexible and comprehensive metering & billing

Flexible, comprehensive metering and billing that you can rely on. Minipay is a straightforward credit and prepayment, metering and billing service designed specifically for heat networks. With Minipay, managing your heat network finances is easy. The intelligent, real-time system provides revenue assurance to network owners, with effortless payment reconciliation, instant payments as well as profit and loss accounting. Tariffs can be quickly reviewed and updated to ensure the network is not loss making.

Featuring multiple payment methods, Minipay makes it easy for residents to track their usage and pay bills on time.

Design & consultancy

At Minibems we have the state-of-the-art technology and hands-on experience to successfully deliver your heat network with high performance guaranteed.

We use our expert knowledge to design and deliver heat networks that save our customers time and money. Our skilled team works with consultants, mechanical engineers, and specifiers to create fully outsourced heat solutions with real-time control.

Heat as a Service (HaaS)

Minibems makes heat networks sustainable. We work with our customers to unlock savings from existing heat network systems to deliver state-of-the-art technology and real-time efficiency at no extra cost. We offer the full capital investment for the supply and fit. Not only do we save our customer’s money, the Minibems system is also the only way to effectively decarbonise your heat network.

Our Heat as a Service (HaaS) is a fully outsourced heat network solution where we undertake the day-to-day operation, management and risk of the heat network using our digital platform. We decarbonise your heat network, deliver cost savings, an efficient network, and a seamless experience for residents. Plus, you have the security of our market-leading performance guarantee, and our products have an extended warranty.

Minibems products

Residents controller

The Minibems Touch puts control in your resident’s hands. Featuring a sleek 5 inch colour touchscreen display, residents can quickly access their billing system, control their heating and change system settings. The Minibems Touch can bring state-of-the-art heating to your residents.

Energy controller

The Minibems Connect delivers state-of-the-art processing power for real-time control, monitoring and metering requirements. It works to deliver unrivalled accuracy with market-leading HIU and CIUs and is paired with the Touch, for resident control and room temperature sensing, communicating via an always-on internet connection.

Residents app

The Minibems App puts resident’s heating and billing system into their pockets, providing remote heating control and allowing them to manage their energy payments in real-time.

Regulatory compliance

Minibems ensures your developments meet with the requirements of the metering and billing regulations, as enforced by the Department for BEIS and Safety & Standards through Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014. Minibems network performance is in-line with ADE/CIBSE Heat Networks Code of Practice 2020.

Future regulations are met at no extra cost

Regulations will begin to demand granular and accurate reporting, affordable pricing, minimum efficiency and decarbonisation. We can update and deploy corresponding software to meet new requirements.

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