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We look at heat networks the right way to deliver performance guaranteed efficiency.

Traditional heat networks are inefficient

Heat networks are traditionally focused on the energy centre with no effort to address the impact of homes on the network. This is inefficient as it doesn’t address the actual demand from the homes connected to the network, resulting in high flow volume, low heat transfer and a high return temperature.

If you own or operate a heat network, you will probably have a system that is operating at between 30% and 50%. That means a lot of money spent on fuel that is not used to heat your residents. 

Heat networks don’t have to be this way. Minibems is currently delivering heat networks that are over 70% efficient to homes across the UK.

Unlock your heat network’s potential

By starting at the edge and reviewing energy demand rather than the heat source in the plant room, we can transform your heat network and confidently deliver guaranteed performance and carbon savings, even on low temperature networks.

We use 24/7 real-time data to manage demand and unlock guaranteed performance on even low temperature networks. This enables Minibems to deliver high performance heat networks that decarbonise and save our customers money. We are the only company that does this.

By working in real-time to proportionally control the heat going in, Minibems matches heat supply with real-time demand by varying the flow rate. Our Dynamic flow control reacts to the network demands to deliver efficient heat all year round.

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