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Reduce your costs, energy usage & decarbonise your heat network

Risk-free savings

We can identify savings from your current gas and maintenance costs that can be used to both decarbonise and make your heat network more efficient with Minibems. These savings can deliver state of the art technology on your current budget to provide low carbon heat and hot water to your residents.

Minibems delivers savings from the moment it is switched on. We’ll explain how to modify your existing heating system with minimal intervention so you’ll start saving money on fuel immediately and able to see the improvements on our dashboard in real-time.

Heat network performance, guaranteed

We measure success in heat network performance and are the only provider that provides an efficiency guarantee. Our state-of-the-art system provides day-to-day management of the entire heat network, including the management of repairs and maintenance, resident customer service, financial performance, performance management and reporting.

Our managed service is provided through our market-leading package of software, hardware and technical expertise that delivers tangible maintenance cost savings.

Your fully outsourced heat network solution

Our customers hand over everything to Minibems and we undertake the day-to-day operation, management and risk of the heat network using our digital platform.

We use our specialist skills to reduce the management time and risk for our heat supplier customers whilst improving the service and delivering a seamless experience for residents.

Plus, we offer the security of our market-leading performance guarantee, and our products have an extended warranty.

Cut your maintenance costs

Our Telematic system delivers real-time remote system management to minimise maintenance call outs and ensure the heat network is operating efficiently 24/7.

With us 9/10 call outs result in an effective repair but traditional heat networks only 3/10 callouts result in a repair.

We’ll cut your maintenance costs and our call out guarantee ensures your residents receive hassle-free heating.

Decarbonise your heat network today

Half of the challenge of decarbonisation of heat is an energy efficiency issue, not a generation issue. By increasing the efficiency of the heat network, we cut the carbon while delivering high performance heat and hot water to residents.

Increasing the energy efficiency of the system, decarbonises it by using less energy which, with gas prices reaching a record high, means that residents can have reliable heat and hot water but use less gas. 

Installing Minibems can typically save a tonne of carbon per home without changing the heat source. This is a dramatic reduction that, if installed across the UK, would make a significant difference right now to meeting decarbonisation targets. 

How Minibems turns heat on its head

Heat networks are inefficient right? Wrong. High performance, low temperature heat networks exist and Minibems is already delivering them across the UK.

We look at heat networks the right way. By starting at the edge with energy demand rather than the heat source, we can transform your heat network. We use 24/7 real-time data to manage demand and unlock guaranteed performance on even low temperature networks.

Traditional network

Minibems hierarchy

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