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Real-time flow control

Dynamic manages the flow rate and temperature of heat networks in real-time to maximise efficiency, reduce fuel usage and cut carbon. By software controlling all elements of the network, it can decrease flow rates by more than half whilst keeping homes warm and hot water on. Saving money for you and your residents.

Dynamic can identify and resolve any poor performing parts of a heat network and each individual unit is automatically monitored and updated to improve performance in real-time.

Real-time efficiency

By working in real-time to proportionally control the heat going in, a Minibems heat network is over 70% efficient. Dynamic consumer-matches heat supply with real-time demand by varying the flow rate to create a highly efficient network.

Typical heat networks are inefficient as they are over-delivering heat most of the year because the controls are set to operate as if it were always cold outside, Dynamic reacts to the network demands to deliver efficient, reliable heat all year round.

Dynamic features

  • Real-time flow control
  • Weather compensation
  • Optimisation
  • Parametrisation
  • Energy efficient targeting
  • HIU efficiency reporting
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Remote commissioning
  • Smartphone app with energy usage diagnostics
  • Heating machine learning
  • Hot water machine learning
  • Demand side response

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