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Design & consultancy

At Minibems we have the state-of-the-art technology and hands-on experience to successfully deliver your heat network with high performance guaranteed.


We use our expert knowledge to design and deliver heat networks by turning the traditional hierarchy of heat on its head to start with the real-time energy demands of the heat network. This enables Minibems to deliver high performance heat networks that decarbonise and save money.

By working with our clients from the design through to installation we ensure that every heat network we deliver meets the exact energy demands of the building and residents whether it’s for a new build or a retrofit project.


Our heat network designs are already performing in properties across the UK and our skilled team works with consultants, mechanical engineers, and specifiers to create fully outsourced heat solutions with real-time control.

We can work with you to deliver expert knowledge to your project as outsourced consultants.

Affordable, state of the art technology

Investing in Minibems for your heat network is straightforward and affordable. By identifying cost savings from your existing heat network, we can offer the full capital investment for the supply and fit of Minibems to your heat network. Plus, you have the security of our market-leading performance guarantee, and our products have an extended warranty.

Interested in finding out how we can optimise your heat network?

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