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Residents support

Our specialist customer service advisors are on hand to support residents with any heating, hot water, billing or payments enquiries. Also find help articles, FAQs and handbooks.

Residents support contact details

Our core office hours are 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday.
24-hour support via 0800 phone number.

For Welcome Packs, Customer Handbooks, User Guides, Standing Order Form or other documents and information, please use the enquiry form.

Residents account

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The Minibems App puts residents heating and billing system into their pockets, providing remote heating control and allowing them to manage energy payments.

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No, your tariff can not be changed.

Contact Minibems on the day you move out , who will confirm your closing balance for your records and arrange a refund if a refund is due. It’s important that you take photo evidence of your meter readings on your move out date for your reference.

You will receive an email from SMART Prepay detailing your Username and Password and the instruction on how to create your account.

Please see your customer handbook for details on how to set-up a standing order or bank transfer. Also see the handbook for how to pay by debit or credit cards, via top-up locations or your SMARTprepay account.

The system was set-up to deliver the best cost for heating and hot water with security of supply. Minibems works to make sure you have an uninterrupted supply of heating and hot water. Minibems have been appointed to manage all your meter readings and billing payment arrangements.

If you need a replacement card, log into your SMART Prepay account to ‘Request New Card’ or send an email to who will be happy to help. Replacement cards can take up to 30 working days for delivery. You can ‘top-up’ via direct bank transfer through online banking until your replacement is received.

Depending upon your development and the agreement in place, Minibems will handle all your billing, heating and hot water enquiries. For all on-site maintenance requirements, Minibems will resolve remotely or notify the development management, installer or building maintenance firm accordingly.

Unlike traditional prepayment meters, you do not need to insert a key or your ‘top-up’ card into a meter. The ‘top-up’ amount will automatically be credited within one hour of the top up being made using your top up card. Standing orders and direct bank transfers credit will be applied within 48 hours. Keep the receipt of your payment that has your Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN). Your top up will be applied within the time frame, as stated within the ‘How to Pay’ section.

The daily ‘Service charge’ or ‘Standing Charge’ is specific to your property agreement. It is charged daily and the cost is split between all residents. Items included in the standing charge – billing and administration of the system; management and running of the system.

It looks like a standard boiler in your home. It works just like a gas boiler, providing heating to your radiators, and instant hot water.

Your heating and hot water is supplied by an on-site energy centre. Together this generates heat which is distributed to customers within the buildings.

Emergency credit must only be used in the event of an emergency. You’re responsible for remembering to top up your meter and make sure you remain in credit and on supply. However, we know that emergencies can happen which might leave you short. Therefore, your meter will give you £5 of heat after your credit has been used up. This means you’re heating won’t cut off immediately. However, whatever is used of this ‘emergency credit’ will be deducted from the credit next time you top-up.

Pre-payment is where you pay for your energy before you can use it.

At a shop, the maximum is £500, however, some shops will only allow a maximum of £50 due to insurance requirements. For standing order and bank transfer payments there are no limits.

Usage VAT at 5% – paid directly to the UK Government. Daily standing charge VAT at 5% – paid directly to the UK government.

Copies of the Customer Handbook will be available, please contact us using the details at the top of this page.

If there is an issue, or you need to ‘top-up’ because you have no credit or emergency credit available, the system will switch off. Should you have credit, please contact Minibems via the details at the top of this page.

You will not receive a copy of your bill, you can view your payment transactions via your SMART Prepay online account.