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Flexible, comprehensive metering and billing that you can rely on

Minipay is a straightforward credit and prepayment, metering and billing service designed specifically for heat networks. Minipay is a regulatory compliant service.

Through efficiency savings we can offer our Minipay metering and billing service to our customers with no service charge. Minipay makes managing your heat network finances is easy. The intelligent, real-time system provides revenue assurance to network owners, with effortless payment reconciliation, instant payments as well as profit and loss accounting. Tariffs can be quickly reviewed and updated to ensure the network is not loss making. Featuring multiple payment methods, Minipay makes it easy for residents to track their usage and pay bills on time.

Metering & billing services


Minibems collects heat meter data on an hourly basis, 365 days a year. The Minibems system can also meter other utilities such as cold water, hot water, cooling, electricity and gas. Each Minibems Touch can meter up to four M-Bus meters. Data is stored in the cloud for reconciliation and reporting purposes.

Prepayment billing services

In prepayment mode, residents pre-pay for heat. Optionally the client will be able to move residents into credit billing mode at no additional cost. Prepayment billing services are not available with wired M-Bus systems.

Emergency & friendly credit

A small amount of emergency credit can be provided to residents to ensure that they are not cut off when their balance reaches zero. Additionally friendly credit allows times and days to be stipulated during which the residents heat will not be cut off. This is typically used for out of hours and bank holidays.

Credit billing

In credit billing mode, Minibems generate bills for the heat consumed by the kW and send to residents. The resident will also be able to see their heat consumed and any credit of debt on their display device and via the Minibems app.

Real-time payment system

Minibems provides a payment system for residents, whereby all payments are processed in real-time onto the residents system and immediately visible through the Minibems App and Touch. Residents can pay their bills using cash, debit or credit cards at retailers.

Faster payments can be made via smartphone app and residents can set up monthly standing order payments or pay their bills through online banking.

Resident help desk

From 8.30 to 17.00 weekdays residents can get first line support from the Minibems billing team to deal with any metering, payment and billing enquiries. Outside of these hours, they can also get help from the Minibems IVR system, through which they can obtain their balance, recent transaction history and support on making payments.

Mobile app

The Minibems App is available for download from the Apple and Google stores, free of charge for residents. Through the app they can check their balance, view their transaction history, make top-ups, and manage their billing account.

Minipay features

  • Credit and prepayment billing services
  • Payment reconciliation and reporting
  • Remote heat meter fault identification
  • Real-time payment transacting
  • Tariff advice for heat suppliers
  • Remote heating and hot water turn-off
  • Resident help desk for metering, billing and payment support
  • Revenue assurance for heat suppliers
  • Emergency and friendly credit for residents
  • Family and friends access for vulnerable users
  • Smartphone app for billing and payments
  • Regulation compliant

Residents comfort

Easy top-up

Residents can make payments via their phone, at a local retailer with cash or card and via standing order.

Friends & family access

Vulnerable users can provide access to friends and family who can check their system and make top-ups on their behalf.

Resident help desk

Our specialist customer service advisers are on hand to support residents with payment and billing advice.

Emergency & friendly credit

When in prepayment, residents are not shut-off outside of office hours and are also provided a small emergency balance in case they run out of credit temporarily.

Heating & hot water control

Residents can also control their heating and hot water through the Minibems system.*

Payment methods

Minibems operates a real-time payments system whereby payments made are applied to the Minibems Touch and Hub instantly.

  • Apple Pay
    Apple Pay icon
  • Google Pay
    Google Pay icon
  • ePay
    ePay icon
  • Credit cards
    Credit cards icon
  • Debit cards
    Debit cards icon
  • Direct debit
    Direct debit icon
  • Standing order
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Payment methods are dependent on selected metering and billing package.

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