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Where did Minibems come from, what do we do… and why?

We have worked for over 10 years in the field of heat management. We have been intimately involved with the design, installation, distribution, servicing and maintenance of all sorts of heating systems; confronting problems, and working on solutions.

We have settled on a long-term goal to ensure our customers can control their energy by managing their heat.

How can we deliver an optimised heating system?Why are heating networks so inefficient?

We work in the pursuit of energy efficiency by managing heat. That is what we think about, work on and discuss, every day. 

Our solutions save energy, reduce carbon emissions, improve profitability and streamline maintenance.

The central challenge we focus on is how to use energy efficiently within a district and communal heating context. The main themes of our work are:

  • District & Communal heating network efficiency
  • Lifetime network monitoring, management and optimisation 
  • Reliable and affordable heating for end-users
  • Alleviation of Fuel Poverty within the social housing sector
  • Application of AI, Machine learning and cloud-based technologies to dynamically operate and maintain heating networks

How did Minibems begin?

Back when we started in the field of energy efficiency, we installed biomass boilers. After installing a few heating networks we found that the losses were far greater than expected. We realised that there was a big information gap in relation to how heating networks actually function in the real world. 

The very first question we posed was why were all the district heating networks we worked on operating at 40%-60% efficiency? This is far too low when we are promoting low carbon solutions as sustainable.

So, why are district and communal heating networks so inefficient?

The simple answer is that they are not optimised.

Latest news

Minibems delivers equivalent carbon savings to converting a petrol car to an electric car, for twenty times less capital cost

Reducing our carbon footprint is typically an expensive task requiring extensive capital investment. However installing Minibems onto a heat network typically saves 1 tonne of carbon, per annum, for every apartment it’s fitted into.

Minibems can reduce residents heat tariffs by as much as 22 pence per kWh

With gas prices soaring the opportunity for real and tangible cost savings on heat networks has never been greater.

Cut the carbon in your heat network today

Minibems can cut an average of 1 tonne of carbon emissions per home per annum – saving you money too. By controlling each apartment with our unique and patented Dynamic flow control system we achieve the savings by optimising flow rates through your HIU.

Cut your heat network costs with Minibems

As finance managers across the UK know, managing budgets is a weekly challenge during these unprecedented times for energy price hikes. This isn’t just bad news for those in charge of managing operational budgets for heat networks, it’s also bad news for families.

Interested in finding out how we can optimise your heat network?

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