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Minibems raises new round of funding, led by Set Ventures & supported by Ascension Venture and the Future Fund

The new round will enable Minibems to continue its growth in the heat network market in the UK and Europe.

Minibems has attracted a new round of funding from its current investors, led by SET Ventures and supported by Ascension Ventures. The investment is match-funded by The Future Fund, the United Kingdom government’s co-investment scheme for innovative and high growth companies.

This new round will enable Minibems to strengthen its product development and service offering as it continues to grow in the heat network market across the UK and Europe. As part of the strategy, we are pleased to announce that Simon Gunter is joining the company as Executive Chairman.

With heating and cooling consuming half of Europe’s energy, the heat sector is increasingly being challenged to supply heat more efficiently and sustainably. With new legislation and regulation in the pipeline both the UK and Scottish governments, amongst other European countries, have reinforced the commitment to heat networks as a key technology to decarbonise and to meet climate goals.

Minibems is an Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform and heat network managed service designed to de-carbonise the heat network market. The unique offering includes real-time online monitoring, automated optimisation, heat telematics for remote diagnosis and repairs, as well as metering and billing services. Minibems clients benefit from up to 40% lower fuel bills, 80% lower unplanned maintenance costs, and accurate and easy billing payment.

“The opportunity in heat networks continues to grow and Minibems is ideally positioned to capitalise on this with their unique offering. Heat networks need Minibems to become efficient and low carbon”, says Craig Douglas, Principal at SET Ventures. “We are eager to support Minibems in this growth trajectory and welcome Simon Gunter to the team.”

Incoming Executive Chairman, Simon Gunter, says, “The way buildings are designed and operated for heating and maintenance is inefficient and inaccurate respectively, and due for a fundamental change. We should be able to use technology to ensure we minimise energy usage, optimise maintenance cycles, reduce engineer call-outs, and assist companies in meeting current and future decarbonisation goals. I look forward to assisting Minibems in driving this change. Now is a very exciting time.”

Finian Parrick, CEO of Minibems: “Over the past twelve months, and despite the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen great resilience in the growth our two target sectors: heat networks and smart buildings. This new investment allows us to accelerate the work we began a year ago, adding valuable services and unique features to our product offering. We are excited by this support by SET Ventures and Ascension Ventures in our goals of decarbonising the built environment and creating affordable heating for consumers.”

Latest news

Minibems delivers equivalent carbon savings to converting a petrol car to an electric car, for twenty times less capital cost

Reducing our carbon footprint is typically an expensive task requiring extensive capital investment. However installing Minibems onto a heat network typically saves 1 tonne of carbon, per annum, for every apartment it’s fitted into.

Minibems can reduce residents heat tariffs by as much as 22 pence per kWh

With gas prices soaring the opportunity for real and tangible cost savings on heat networks has never been greater.

Cut the carbon in your heat network today

Minibems can cut an average of 1 tonne of carbon emissions per home per annum – saving you money too. By controlling each apartment with our unique and patented Dynamic flow control system we achieve the savings by optimising flow rates through your HIU.

Cut your heat network costs with Minibems

As finance managers across the UK know, managing budgets is a weekly challenge during these unprecedented times for energy price hikes. This isn’t just bad news for those in charge of managing operational budgets for heat networks, it’s also bad news for families.

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