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Minibems Touch & Minibems Connect – Unparralleled IoT services

We understand that heat network owners and operators require modular, low cost and easy to fit components to access heat network management services.

Minibems is an Enterprise Internet of Things platform with multiple connected services. We have two key components that enable our IoT services; the Minibems Touch and the Minibems Connect.

How do Minibems Connect and Minibems Touch work together?

Simply plug the Touch into the Connect via ethernet and high-performance telemetry and flow control in residential heat networks is enabled. They operate standalone, or connected to the Minibems Cloud which supports remote diagnostics, flow control optimisation, metering and billing and broad estate management functionality.

The Connect works to deliver unparalleled accuracy of control with market-leading HIU and CIUs and is paired with the Touch, for resident control and room temperature sensing, communicating via an always-on internet connection.

Minibems Touch is the home hub, features include:

  • Sophisticated graphics and user-friendly interface.
  • Mbus master
  • Opens/ Shuts off billing valve
  • Standard sizing to match-up with size of Patress box (double wall socket)

Minibems Connect enables connected services, features include:

  • Extra ports to plug in extra hardware that we can then control from Minibems cloud.
  • Minibems Connect’s can daisy chain to control many components within the same dwelling
  • Communicates with the Minibems bureau service in real-time
  • Includes a battery back  up in case of mains failure
  • 15-year life
  • Remote firmware updates are available

Unparalleled benefits of Connected Services

The Touch enables Minipay for pre-payment and credit metering and billing services. By connecting the Touch to our Connect you can access Dynamic, our unique real-time flow control solution and Telematic provides data driven remote monitoring, diagnostics and triage. Once these two items are fitted to the heat interface unit and connected online, the heat, maintenance, management and billing is controlled and delivered according to real-time conditions.

The building owner will see energy and maintenance costs drop. The resident will receive affordable, reliable comfort.

Latest news

Minibems delivers equivalent carbon savings to converting a petrol car to an electric car, for twenty times less capital cost

Reducing our carbon footprint is typically an expensive task requiring extensive capital investment. However installing Minibems onto a heat network typically saves 1 tonne of carbon, per annum, for every apartment it’s fitted into.

Minibems can reduce residents heat tariffs by as much as 22 pence per kWh

With gas prices soaring the opportunity for real and tangible cost savings on heat networks has never been greater.

Cut the carbon in your heat network today

Minibems can cut an average of 1 tonne of carbon emissions per home per annum – saving you money too. By controlling each apartment with our unique and patented Dynamic flow control system we achieve the savings by optimising flow rates through your HIU.

Cut your heat network costs with Minibems

As finance managers across the UK know, managing budgets is a weekly challenge during these unprecedented times for energy price hikes. This isn’t just bad news for those in charge of managing operational budgets for heat networks, it’s also bad news for families.

Interested in finding out how we can optimise your heat network?

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