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How property managers can help reduce families energy bills

As property managers across the UK know, the energy price crisis has caused widespread concern for millions of families who are now struggling to pay huge energy bills. Even though Ofgem have finally put a safety net in place, not every home is protected.

For families living in an apartment block who rely on a communal source for their heating and hot water, there is no protection from Ofgem because the energy is purchased under a commercial scheme and resold to the tenants. This has meant cost increases in some cases of over 500%. So, what can be done to help these families facing this energy price challenge with seemingly no way out or support?

“Any property in the UK that’s currently connected to a heat network will be suffering the increased costs driven by a fundamentally inefficient system.” says Finian Parrick, founding director of Minibems, “It doesn’t have to be this way. At Minibems we have developed new technology that maximises the efficiency of the heat network system. We provide the hardware and software that takes proper control of these inefficient networks and vastly reduces consumption. This helps protect families and will reduce the heat tariff they are charged as well as stopping high levels of gas wastage. This makes it good for the environment too because less carbon being burnt means reduced emissions.”

CEO of Minibems, Simon Gunter goes further:
“We feel it is imperative that property managers do something urgently to help all the tenants they are responsible for supplying heating and hot water to. Our technology improves data collection, and we act on that information to correct the system inefficiency. Plus, payback periods for the system’s installation can be as little as two years.”

Parrick adds: “The technology is available today to help families and the environment, so why aren’t there more property managers using it? Minibems provides the solution from the start. We have the data that can make your heat network efficient and save you money. Don’t wait, talk to us today.”

Current heating bill costs vs Minibems heating bill costs

We guarantee the minimum efficiency of the heat network, and a level of savings. This ensures low heat tariffs and protects residents from spiralling heating costs.

These are easy savings you can make today, call our sales team on 01202 122 520, we’ll be happy to help. 

Latest news

Minibems delivers equivalent carbon savings to converting a petrol car to an electric car, for twenty times less capital cost

Reducing our carbon footprint is typically an expensive task requiring extensive capital investment. However installing Minibems onto a heat network typically saves 1 tonne of carbon, per annum, for every apartment it’s fitted into.

Minibems can reduce residents heat tariffs by as much as 22 pence per kWh

With gas prices soaring the opportunity for real and tangible cost savings on heat networks has never been greater.

Cut the carbon in your heat network today

Minibems can cut an average of 1 tonne of carbon emissions per home per annum – saving you money too. By controlling each apartment with our unique and patented Dynamic flow control system we achieve the savings by optimising flow rates through your HIU.

Cut your heat network costs with Minibems

As finance managers across the UK know, managing budgets is a weekly challenge during these unprecedented times for energy price hikes. This isn’t just bad news for those in charge of managing operational budgets for heat networks, it’s also bad news for families.

Interested in finding out how we can optimise your heat network?

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