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Stop your heat network from burning money

Across the UK, right now, heat networks are burning through unnecessary gas, squandering precious resources, releasing preventable carbon emissions, and wasting money at a time of an unprecedented cost of living crisis. Developers, housebuilders, and housing associations are unknowingly investing in heat networks that are not the efficient, low carbon solution they should be.

There are 500,000 families living in heat network connected homes who could right now be choosing between heating and eating, unaware that every saving they make in the home whether it’s turning off radiators or wearing an extra jumper won’t change the fact the heat network their home is connected to was inefficient from the minute it was installed. They are paying too much for their energy bills but nothing they can do will make a significant difference as the real contributor to their bills is outside their home. Does that sound right to you that in 2022 families are being forced to choose between heating and eating because of an inefficient system they can’t control? It doesn’t sound right to us.

We need to change heat networks in the UK, and we need to start now. It’s time to stop looking at heat networks the old way, look at them the right way and start at the edge, in the home.

At Minibems, we can improve a heat network‘s efficiency immediately. We deliver performance guaranteed efficiency that can as much as double a heat network’s efficiency thanks to our real-time flow control and 24/7 data. From the date of installation, without changing the generation source transforming 35% efficiency to a guaranteed 65% efficiency, saving fuel, and cutting costs. Plus, our unique real-time overview of the heat network enables us to remotely diagnose and solve problems without a maintenance call out, reducing unnecessary callouts and improving customer satisfaction too. These are all savings that can be made right now, ahead of the further increases in energy prices later this year at a time when residents are feeling the financial pinch and being forced to make unthinkable choices like never before.

Traditional network

Heat networks are 30% efficient on average. This is because they are designed and set to always work for coldest day conditions.

Minibems network

Minibems uses smart controls and software on each heat consumer to optimise systems to real-time demand, delivering the same heat and comfort for 50% less flow rate.

Heat networks have a key role to play in helping the UK to reach its low carbon heating targets but that means we need to start looking at them the right way now by making them efficient from the outset, using dynamic controls that ensure everyone benefits: the environment, the residents and network operators.

If you want to find out how we can stop your heat network from burning your money and protect your residents from spiralling heating costs, request a call back and talk to our expert team about how Minibems can transform your heat network now.

For more information contact Paul Lee 07967 604 151 or Gary Williams on 07494 053 820.

Latest news

Minibems delivers equivalent carbon savings to converting a petrol car to an electric car, for twenty times less capital cost

Reducing our carbon footprint is typically an expensive task requiring extensive capital investment. However installing Minibems onto a heat network typically saves 1 tonne of carbon, per annum, for every apartment it’s fitted into.

Minibems can reduce residents heat tariffs by as much as 22 pence per kWh

With gas prices soaring the opportunity for real and tangible cost savings on heat networks has never been greater.

Cut the carbon in your heat network today

Minibems can cut an average of 1 tonne of carbon emissions per home per annum – saving you money too. By controlling each apartment with our unique and patented Dynamic flow control system we achieve the savings by optimising flow rates through your HIU.

Cut your heat network costs with Minibems

As finance managers across the UK know, managing budgets is a weekly challenge during these unprecedented times for energy price hikes. This isn’t just bad news for those in charge of managing operational budgets for heat networks, it’s also bad news for families.

Interested in finding out how we can optimise your heat network?

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