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We use our expert knowledge to design and deliver heat networks by turning the traditional hierarchy of heat on its head to start with the real-time energy demands of the heat network.


Every performance specification we create is as unique as the project that Minibems will be installed on. Our detailed document outlines how we will install the system as well as deliver the services you need whether it’s heat as a service, metering and billing or complete system controls. This ensures that your heat network will meet the exact energy demands of the building and deliver guaranteed performance.


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Discover Minibems

Heat as a Service (HaaS)

Minibems makes heat networks sustainable by providing cost effective heating in an environmentally positive way.

We understand that our customer’s heat networks are often inefficient, cost subsidised, expensive to maintain and unable to meet metering and billing regulations. We look at heat networks the right way by starting with energy demand.

We use our award winning, intelligent, control and monitoring technology to transform your heat network. We’ll work with you to solve your challenges while unlocking savings from your existing heat network system to deliver state-of-the-art technology and real-time efficiency at no extra cost plus decarbonise the estate.

Real-time flow control

Dynamic manages the flow rate and temperature of heat networks in real-time to maximise efficiency, reduce fuel usage and cut carbon. By software controlling all elements of the network, it can decrease flow rates by more than half whilst keeping homes warm and hot water on.

Dynamic can identify and resolve any poor performing parts of a heat network and each individual unit is automatically monitored and updated to improve performance in real-time.

Interested in finding out how we can optimise your heat network
and deliver free metering and billing?

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