Minibems, alongside our partners in the Heat Vision 2030 project, has been nominated for a Decentralised Energy Award.

Our project is about accelerating the deployment of zero carbon heat networks.

To understand how deploy a city centre heat network you need superb modelling based on verfiable data of how heat networks perform. That is where the data contribution from Minibems is key.

Minibems provides real usage data, relating to specific flow and return temperatures and demonstrating how the heat is actually used. Our real-time data capture allows monitoring at a per dwelling, per building, per site, per network and per portfolio level.

This is invaluable when assessing the options of integrating heat pumps and building performance.

Watch the teaser trailer below –

The Minibems mission is to deliver heat network performance, enabling low carbon technologies, reducing energy costs whilst improving reliability and customer satisfaction.


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